We have eight CNC pipe bending machines for various pipe sizes. For which we have a growing number of different bending tools.


Our machines can be used to bend pipes with a diameter of 1 - 120 mm. The smallest tools are now for 6 mm pipes and the largest for 114.3 mm pipes. If you can’t find the size or radius you’re looking for, we’ll get one and make things work.


The quality and exact dimensions required by the drawings are ensured by a coordinate measuring machine. With a coordinate meassuring machine we can also scan pipes according to the model and make copies of them, without drawings. 


In addition to CNC bending of the pipes, we have a wide range of additional services, such as welding and assembly, pipe mangling, end shaping and installation of various fittings.


With the help of our reliable subcontractor chain, we can also offer entities that can include for example, laser cutting, sheet metal work, machining and many different surface treatments.