Measurement service

The measurement service is 3D-scanning, coordinate measuring, and reporting of measurement results. Assignments related to

3D-scanning and coordinate measurement can be, for example.

  • Quality Assurance - Inspection of the manufactured product against a CAD-model or drawing.
  • 3D-digitization of part to a point cloud or STL-file.
  • Measurement of assembly and welding jigs.
  • First or test part measurement.
  • Measurement of bent pipes.
  • Measurement of flange pipes.
  • Reporting of measurement results.




Measuring machine:


RPS EVO-XR 7 articulated measuring arm with 3D-laser scanner and Renishaw autojoint touch probe.

  • Measuring range 4 meters, which can be grown with reference points.
  • The accuracy is 0,033-0,123 mm.
  • The accuracy of 3D-scanner is 6 µm, a resolution of 0.019 mm and a digitizing speed of 384,000 dots per second.



Machine software:


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